Welcome to the Forkis sailmaker's shop, where we combine modern sail design technology with many years of experience and careful manual finishing of sail details.

The sails are designed using the New Zealand computer program, ProSail, creating three-dimensional profiles, which guarantees the arrangement of panels adjusted to the forces affecting the fabric. Moreover, a computer-controlled large-format plotter precisely cuts the panels. Then the panels are glued and sewn together with a triple zigzag stitch using threads of high resistance to weather conditions. Our sailmaker's shop combines these elements, which allows us to obtain high-quality sails with the correct profile and durability.

We sew sails from fabrics and laminates from recognized and proven manufacturers such as the American company Challenge Sailcloth and Bainbridge, the Dutch Contender, and the German Dimension-Polyant. At the final production stage, we install fittings manufactured by Rutgerson, Holt, Wichard and Bainbridge.

High quality, individual approach to each order, professional advice and timely deliveries have allowed us to enjoy an excellent reputation in the country and abroad.